27 May 2017

Glæsilegur kór frá Indónesíu vann keppni á Ítalíu

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09 February 2016

Árið er 2016

Þar sem heimasíða FÍK virðist vera líflaus þá vil ég endurlífga þessa síðu til að færa íslenskum kórstjórum fréttir sem ég verð áskynja.

Það sem er hérna fyrir neðan er úr fréttabréfi frá FONOKO - Foreningen norske kordirigenter.



The next IFCM WORLD SYMPOSIUM ON CHORAL MUSIC will be in the magnificent city of Barcelona from 22 to 29 July 2017. Under the theme “The Colors of Peace”, the IFCM World Symposium on Choral Music will bring together choirs from all over the world, choral musicians, composers and publishers to share and celebrate diversity and artistic excellence of our global choral community.

The Symposium will take place entirely on the grounds of the Barcelona Auditorium, the ESMUC (Catalonia College of Music) and the Museum of Music, situated in a modern building and only 10 minutes from the centre of Barcelona, connected by metro, bus and tram. We will enjoy the modern facilities that these buildings offer with adequate capacity for delegates to comfortably attend conferences, master classes, lectures and concerts.

Symposium attendees will enjoy a great Mediterranean city, full of history and culture!

Barcelona has many emblematic places where concerts will be organised including many churches from the Gothic period. Concerts will be held in the beautiful church of Santa Maria del Pi, built in the 14th century. We will also enjoy concerts in the famous concert hall Palau de la Música Catalana, a jewel of Catalan modernism - a style found in many buildings throughout the city. One of his most representative architects being Antoni Gaudí and his work masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia Basilica, still under construction, that will also host a special concert during the week of the symposium. In these venues, and others around the city, that will show the variety and cultural richness of the city, WSCM11 will organize concerts at night for the Symposium participants and for the city of Barcelona. You will enjoy great performances in excellent environments!

See the presentation of all the venues of the Barcelona Symposium, and the video presentation of our beautiful city in our website: http://www.wscm11.cat/
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We wait for you !


Coming first, but not last, is finally open the new IFCM European Office in Italy. This opening is in agreement with IFCM’s new statutes and with our vision for the future.
The office will be managed by IFCM Project Manager Francesco Leonardi, who will take care of the communication with our European members and help facilitate the exchanges from and to Europe.
The IFCM European office will be an important tool for everybody to use, so if you have any idea of projects or any need, don’t hesitate to contact us at office@ifcm.net and leonardifra@yahoo.it
The address of the European Office is: IFCM European Office, C/O Associazione Musicale Jubilate, Via Abruzzi, 19 – 20025 Legnano (mi), Italy. A new gateway for the old world!


Presented by the American Choral Directors Association: August 15 – 31, 2016 Nassau, Bahamas

The world is full of musicians, therefore it is full of music events of many kinds: large, medium, and small scale. In order to be successful these events require that many aspects are organised and managed: production, staging, communications, PR, fundraising, finances, outreach, and many others. The International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) and the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) have designed a training program specifically for young managers aged 18 to 30, who are motivated to learn and to develop skills in international events management so that they can return to their home countries with the tools needed to organize choir and music festivals and events. More info and application form on America-cantat.org or by email to mcprieto@gmail.com

Nordklang16, August 3-7, 2016 in Turku, Finland
The Nordklang Festival is organized under the umbrella of Nordisk Korforum every three years in one of the Nordic countries. The event brings together singers from all the Nordic countries to sing, learn and network.
Nordklang16 will offer a large variety of workshops for singers of all kinds of choirs.
Among others:
Pop! Pop! Pop! – Line Groth (for easy to intermediate level)
In this workshop you will sing a selection of modern and catchy pop/rock tunes in brand new arrangements by Line Groth, Danish singer and conductor. This workshop will explore different approaches to working on groove, pitch, blend, phrasing and expression.
Line Groth is a singer, arranger and co-conductor in the world famous Danish choir, Vocal Line with whom she has performed with The Rolling Stonesand Bobby McFerrin among others. She teaches arranging and choir conducting at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen and she holds an MA in Singing and Choir Conducting from The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. 
The Music of Eriks Ešenvalds – Romans Vanags (for intermediate to difficult level)
Latvia has a unique and wonderfully rich choral culture. One of the most prominent conductors on the Latvian scene is Romans Vanags who will lead the participants of his group into the exciting musical world of Latvia’s newest star composer, Eriks Ešenvalds, whose music is taking the choral world by storm.
Romans Vanags’ professional career has been connected with conducting and pedagogy: conductor of the teachers’ choir Vanema for 20 years, main conductor of the Latvian University female choir Minjona for 25 years, conductor and artistic director of Jāzeps Mediņš Riga 1st for 28 years, professor of choir conducting at the Latvian Academy of Music in Riga for 28 years, and head of the conducting department from 2005-2012.
Registration on http://www.nordklang.fi

International Singing Week CHORALP in Briançon (French South Alps), 16 – 23 July 2016
Workshop 1: Vesperae Solennes de Dominica (W.A. Mozart) with Caroline Gaulon.
Workshop 2: Fight or Flight with André de Quadros

Register before March 31, 2016 on
www.choralp.fr or at
22nd Choralies Festival in Vaison-la-Romaine (Provence, France), 3-11 August 2016
6000 singers will meet in Vaison-la-Romaine and sing from morning till evening.

Find all information, as well as the online registration form on the festival website:http://www.choralies.fr/

A brochure in English is available upon request. We are waiting for you!

Contact: inscriptions@choralies.fr

1st AFRICA CANTAT in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), August 6-12, 2017
Initiated by the African Confederation of Choral Music -ACCM- with the support of the Congolese Federation of Choral Music and the partnership of IFCM, A Coeur Joie International and Europa Cantat, the festival will be an ideal crossroad to discover and exchange around the rich authenticity of the African choral heritage.
Choirs, choral conductors and lecturers from all around the world, Africa is eager to welcome in the heart of the continent, to share the warmth of its hospitality and its rhythms and colors.
Registration soon available online.


Hey, what is happening in Europe?
Check out the rich programme of activities of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat for this year on http://www.europeanchoralassociation.org/our-activities/activities-2016/
Discover the activities of the association itself such as the 2016 Eurochoir in San Vito al Tagliamento (IT) but also a rich selection of activities offered in partnership with the association such as the Choralies Festival in Vaison-la-Romaine (FR), the Festival di Primavera in Montecatini (IT), the Singing Week in Gent (BE) and a number of offers for conductors, composers, managers and individual singers, as well as a list of activities from the network promoted by the association.

There are two exciting events that ACDA will be a part of in the coming year.
The first will be the seven division conferences taking place in February and March of 2016. These conferences will feature highlights such as Voces8, a vocal ensemble from England that “[Voces8] is now established as one of the most versatile and best-loved singing groups”, world renowned composer Ola Gjeilo (who is the composer in residence for Voces8) and many amazing choral and orchestral ensembles performing the works of Bach, Verdi and Howell to name just a few. These division conferences will take place in Chicago (Central), Boston (Eastern), Sioux Falls (North Central), Seattle (Northwestern), Chattanooga (Southern), Kansas City (Southwestern) and Pasadena (Western). Registration is available here.

The second event, one in which ACDA has partnered with the Organización America Cantat, is theAmerica Cantat VIII festival to be held from August 21-31, 2016 in the Bahamas. This festival is the premier cultural music festival of the Americas, and is the only non-competitive choir festival to unite, singers, conductors, and festival choirs from North, Central and South America in a ten-day cultural and musical immersion program. America Cantat is modeled after its sister festival, Europa Cantat. These festivals, in conjunction with Africa Cantat and Asia Pacific Cantat, constitute a worldwide movement of promoting peace and understanding through intercultural and artistic events. Performances at the festival will feature some of the best vocal ensembles that the Americas have to offer. For more information about the America Cantat VIII festival, visit their website

The European Festival of Youth Choirs Basel enjoys the worldwide reputation of being the most attractive platform for outstanding youth choirs in Europe. It takes place every other year. With its tenth edition from 4-8 May 2016, this major cultural event celebrates its first big anniversary. This time around 2000 children and young people will come together. In the main programme eighteen selected choirs from Europe (Belgium, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Turkey), from Indonesia (guest choir from overseas) as well as from various regions of Switzerland, will put on concerts. In more than 40 events the choirs will present a colourful programme aimed at a broad public of any age. Unforgettable experiences will be provided by classical choir music as well as jazz, pop, rock, gospel and folk song arrangements, sung at the highest standard; costumes and local traditional attire, choreography and youthful ideas will add to the fun. The programme will be complemented by events for joining in (open singing; sing-along of the Mozart Requiem) as well as by training opportunities for specialists (workshops with Harald Jers and Zimfira Poloz, project Start Up for Young Conductors and a festival management masterclass). We can expect the jubilee festivities to provide special highlights: the public open-air celebration “The Power of Music” and the evening concert “The Colours of Cultures”. Come to Basle and immerse yourselves in the unique atmosphere of a festival packed with joie de vivre and singing! More info on www.ejcf.ch

You are invited! Canada’s biennial choral conference & festival “PODIUM” will take place May 18-22, 2016, in Edmonton, Alberta.
Choral musicians from across Canada and around the world will gather for 4.5 days of choral performances and professional development sessions.
The Festival includes more than a dozen public concerts featuring an exceptional roster of choirs from across Canada and beyond. Podium “After Hours” performances will highlight contemporary a cappella groups and vocal jazz ensembles.
Interest sessions at Podium are for choir directors and choral administrators, and encompass a wide range of topics including repertoire, conducting technique, performance approach, and use of technology. Podium delegates will have the opportunity to choose from 25 interest sessions.
Registration is open! Visit their website

Come to Beijing, Listen to the Songs of the World
Opening Ceremony and concert in the Great Hall of the People, IFCM Choral Education Conference, judge panel meeting, 5-day competition in 12 categories, choral exchange program, high level performances, new choral work concert, master classes, workshops, training camp, choral club, choral public and charitable events, concert tours, sightseeing (Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Palace Museum), Square performances, Closing and Award Ceremony.
Contact: cicfbjf@163.com - More info on their website

Do you want to join with others around the globe in volunteer work for the IFCM? The IFCM is currently compiling a database of people such as you who wish to have their name included for consideration for assistance in various choral projects throughout the world, as they are required. The process is simple. Just send a CV, a photo, and any suggestion of ways you might be able to help us toleonardifra@yahoo.it. Please write "Volunteer's database" in the subject line of your email, and preferably send your material in English.
Remember the IFCM slogan "Volunteers connecting our choral world" - come and join us in our work!

The IFCMeNEWS wants to hear what's new in your country so that it can be shared with our global community. If you have news or photographs of international interest, please visit the IFCM web site to see the new guidelines for contributions to the IFCMeNEWS. Submissions are free to IFCM members!

The IFCMeNEWS is now distributed to over 100,000 choral leaders around the world. What better way to connect with the international global community than advertising your choral event or product on IFCMeNEWS. Limited advertising spaces are available in the IFCMeNEWS each month at very reasonable rates. Contact the IFCM office for more information.

10-15 : City International Arts Festival, Bangkok, Thailand - info@volkskulturkreis.de
10-11 : European Forum on Music, Leiden, Netherlands - www.emc-imc.org/efme
11-20 : China Meets Australia Chinese Culture Festival, Sydney, Australia - www.master-music.cn
14-16 :European Spring International Music Festival, Stuttgart, Germany - www.musikverein.at
17-21 : 3rd Children & Youth Choral World Championship, St. Petersburg, Russia - http://wccc.ru/en/
18-21 : 6th International Sacred Music Festival Kaunas Musica Religiosa, Kaunas, Lithuania -www.kaunascantat.lt

Nordic- Baltic choir festival i Finnlandi 2012

Borgarkórinn fór til Helsinki.

19 May 2011

Nordic-Baltic Kóramótið 2012

Ég sá á heimasíðu mótsins  http://nbchoir.net/  að finnarnir biðja um forskráningu á mótið. Það gera þeir til að kanna áhuga .... þetta er ekki endanleg skráning.
Svo ef þið eruð að hugsa um að fara til Turku í 2012 þá endilega skoðið heimasíðuna og skráið kórinn.

Mótið verður 21. - 26. ágúst 2012

Fyrir karlakóra - Nordic-Baltic karlakóramót verður í Eistlandi 15. - 17. júní 2012 

29 April 2011

Landsmót Kvennakóra 2011

Í dag, 29. apríl hefst á Selfossi Landsmót Íslenskra Kvennakóra.
Talið er að um 600 konur komi saman til söngs og skemmtunar yfir helgina.

Laugardaginn 30. apríl kl 16:00 verða tónleikar á tveimur stöðum samtímis.
Í Selfosskirkju og  IÐU - Íþróttahúsi FSU

Sunnudaginn 1. maí verða lokatónleikar mótsins haldnir í IÐU kl 15:00

19 March 2011


Viðtal við stjórnandann.

The Anna Crusis Women's Choir


13 March 2011

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